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Chapter I: The Provisions of Nature

Chapter II: Death Warnings--When Does Death Take Place?

Chapter III: Preparation For Burial, Coffins, 'Grave-Goods,' Suttee

Chapter IV: Wakes, Mutes, Wailers, Sin-Eating, Totemism, Death-Taxes

Chapter V: Bells, Mourning

Chapter VI: Funeral Feasts and Processions

Chapter VII: Early Burial-Places

Chapter VIII: Churchyards, Cemeteries, Orientation and Other Burial Customs

Chapter IX: Trees, Flowers, Body-Snatching

Chapter X: Plague

Chapter XI: State and Public Funerals

Chapter XII: Cremation, Embalming

Chapter XIII: In Memoriam

Chapter XIV: Memorials, Epitaphs, Rings and Mourning Cards
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