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"In Days To Come", by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957],

The following advertisements appeared on three unnumbered pages at the end of the original publication. They are included for completeness.--jbh

The Truth About Mars

By Dr. Ernest L. Norman

While our materialistic scientists are still arguing about the possibility of life on Mars, psychics and clairvoyants are seeing remarkable visions of its advanced civilization. Dr. Norman, an electronics engineer and natural clairvoyant reports what he sees. Other clairvoyants have "seen" similar things, but the world was not interested. Clairvoyants, like inventors, are often ahead of their time, but their findings are usually correct. Dr. Norman explains the so-called "canals" on Mars--which are not really canals; brings out details of social and economic life. Beautifully illustrated by a great artist.

Price 1.50

The Beginning Of The New Age

Excerpts from "The Coming of the Golden Age" compiled by Dr. F. W. Sumner. Prophetic, inspiring messages concerning the new Golden Age.

Mimeographed. Price 50 cents.

Life On Other Planets

As Revealed by the great German Seer and Mystic Jacob Lorber and others. Translations and commentaries by Dorothy Thomas.

If you are interested in the deeper mysteries of life and the universe as revealed by inner revelation; if you love the beautiful, the good, the strange and the otherworldly; if you want to learn of distant worlds as seen by the great mystics of the past and present, and look to the stars for inspiration, then subscribe to

Life On Other Planets

issues 1.00. (mimeo) 4 issues 2.00

New Age Publishing Co.

Glendale Boulevard Los Angeles 26, Calif.

Other New Age Books

Key To Spiritual Magic

By Dorothy Thomas 2.00

dynamic and dramatic life story of the author up to a certain soul crisis and its amazing results. Describing the change in consciousness from old time thinking and concepts to a new world of beauty and power. Many who are now faced with making inner adjustments to this changing world of ours find this book a source of true inspiration. Read the story of how a strange transformation in consciousness came about through the power of a new idea, rhythm and music.

Since then the author has been highly active in New Age work. The book has given new hope and courage to many.

12 Lessons In Spiritual Psychology And Healing 10.00

Details upon request

Call Of The Phoenix

By Dorothy Thomas 3.00

Based on the inner experiences as recounted in The Key To Spiritual Magic and those of others. This book tells in greater detail--in colourful and dramatic story form--of the Path of the soul to God and the Way of Attainment. It reveals the Ancient Wisdom and the New Age of Glory. It sheds light on the requirements of an initiate, the type of powers and studies necessary for attainment, the great crises of the soul, mysteries of Ancient Egypt, secrets of the Great Pyramid and the hidden teachings of Christianity.

Acclaimed as one of the truly great occult novels, filled with the wisdom of the ages.

New Age Publishing Co.

Glendale Boulevard Los Angeles 26, Calif.

The Coming Of The Great White Chief

By Dorothy Thomas

\"The Coming of the Great White Chief" is one of the strangest stories ever told--the story of the mysterious White Indians, hidden away behind high mountains in a beautiful walled city in southern Mexico.

Recently further details have been revealed to us by a close friend of a man who actually lived in this strange Shangri-La of the West. These people are preparing white building blocks for the erection of a great White Temple and a great city. The building blocks are to be shipped to a secret destination at the appointed time. These 'White Indians are dedicated to a great cause. What are they preparing for? Where are they going to build? Read this most amazing story and you will realize that you are living in truly momentous times, for this is a true story.

"Watch for the Sign in the Heavens which heralds the Coming of the Great White Chief!"

Price 50 cents per copy, postpaid.

The Venusians

By Lee Crandall

Describes a most astounding experience. Author claims that Venusian people are here among us and that he has been taken to Venus. Contains photographs of Venusian spaceman, his handprints, footprints, distinguishing anatomical features, drawings of space ship and the Temple, together with the story of how it all came about. Printed in two colors illustrated with an unfolding rose. A most amazing and unusual kind of book. Price 2.00.

New Age Publishing Co.

1542 Glendale Boulevard Los Angeles 26, Calif.

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