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Jewish folklore is full of vivid stories that both entertain and teach.
This book is based on tales from the Talmud and Midrash.
While some of the themes are familiar from fairy-tales and folklore from other traditions, the stories in this collection are infused with the perennial Jewish struggle for survival and dignity, as well as a large helping of gentle humor.

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The Palace of the Eagles

The Giant of the Flood

The Fairy Princess of Ergetz

The Higgledy-Piggledy Palace

The Red Slipper

The Star-Child

Abi Fressah's Feast

The Beggar King

The Quarrel of the Cat and Dog

The Water-Babe

Sinbad of the Talmud

The Outcast Prince

The Story of Bostanai

From Shepherd-Boy to King

The Magic Palace

The Sleep of One Hundred Years

King for Three Days

The Palace in the Clouds

The Pope's Game of Chess

The Slave's Fortune

The Paradise in the Sea

The Rabbi's Bogey-Man

The Fairy Frog

The Princess of the Tower

King Alexander
'S Adventures

The Vision of Victory

II. The Land of Darkness and the Gate of Paradise

III. The Wonders of the World
6 9 chapter isaiah talmud verse| 6 9 chapter isaiah talmud verse
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