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Hexagrams 17 32

17 The Sui Hexagram

\"Water of Fire"

SUI: Follow after; but in following checked by being firm, unwavering and correct.

Changing pursuit, seek friends beyond thy gate.
Should one leave old, and follow a young boy?
Wiselier leave youth, and age's wit employ.
Adherents hurt; make sure thy way is straight.
Follow all excellence with eager gait.
The sincere king may sacrifice with joy.

18 The Ku Hexagram

\"Earth of Air"

KU: Service. Thou mayst cross the stream no doubt, if thou have fully thought thy purpose out.

Good son, repair thy sire's infirmity;
Be gentle with thy mother's frailty, Son.
Yea, clear thy father's troubles, every one.
Restrain thy course; view them indulgently.
Thus gain the praise of thine utility.
Do what thou wilt, thyself, a slave to none!

19 The Lin Hexagram

\"Yoni of Water"

LIN: Great; here's progress and success to firm correctness; but - more trouble at the term!

Now with thy comrade firmly force the pace!
Advance with him - alliance wins the race.
Be cautious, or advance may lead thee astray.
Go forward only in the noblest way.
Great rulers need great wisdom every day.
Honest, magnanimous, woo fortune's ray.

20 The Kwan Hexagram

\"Air of Yoni"

Manifesting; contemplating; see thou be sincere, pure, just, with dignity.

Thoughtless and boyish: little shalt thou see!
Peep from thy door - a woman's modesty.
Consider thine whole course insistently.
State's weal resolved, seek aid of majesty.
Consider thy life's course, lest action err, And criticise thy soul's true character.

21 The Shih Ho Hexagram

\"Sun of Fire"

Shih Ho:
Unite by gnawing; here success comes by the proper use of legal stress.

Nip crime in the bud; lop toes, put feet in stocks;
Else - flesh and nose must next be bitten through.
Quick, or dried flesh gives double work to do!
Gnaw, gnaw, fake pledges ere the gate unlocks.
Gnaw: gold rewards precaution firm and true.
Or, last, the Gangue - the ears cut off, fate mocks.

22 The Pi Hexagram

\"Earth of Sun"

PI: Ornament, should have free course indeed.
But - in its place: it shall not take the lead.

Adorn thy feet, and have no need of horses.
Adorn thy beard, for dignity is due.
Adorn, seek firm correctness in thy courses!
Horsed, winged, desire the honest and true!
Though poor, suburban, there's good work to do.
Clad in pure white, simplicity thy force is.

23 The Po Hexagram

\"Earth of Yoni"

PO: Falling; overturning; when things quake to agitate them more is a mistake.

Injure the couch's legs, soon all will go;
Injure its frame, soon total overthrow.
Destroy, when need is - will not wisdom show?
The couch destroyed, its occupant hath woe.
Be loyal, help thy followers; all's aglow.
That'll bear thee brave; the small man digs his grave.

24 The Fu Hexagram

\"Yoni of Fire"

FU: Coming back; thou'rt free to come and go.
Friends help; now move with confidence aglow

Correct small blunders - look for lucky wonders!
Hast erred? Return and take the proper way.
Return, return; and go no more astray!
Return though all thy comrades say thee nay.
Nobly return - the master of thy day!
But error piled on error - deuce to pay!

25 The Wu Wang Hexagram

\"Lingam of Fire"

Wu Wang:
Sincerity and prudence; splendid if in these matters thou hast not offended.

Free from all insincerity, press on!
Good going, if thou reap with never a plough!
Yet - innocence oft bears guilt's branded brow.
Firmness, correctness; these bid woe begone.
The good man sick? He needs no doctor-don.
Time's come when silence's book is best to con.

26 The Ta Khu Hexagram

\"Earth of Lingam"

Ta Khu:
The great accumulation; quit thy private virtue when state needeth it.

Peril; move not, but look within thine heart.
Then, with due care, be ready for the start.
Now, with good horse, well trained, play hard thy part!
Block even the young bull's horns! He's safer so.
Castrate the boar - its teeth will gently show.
Then rule the stars - good fortune aid thine art!

27 The I Hexagram

\"Earth of Fire"

I: Nourishment; the matter and the mode, demand that thought should indicate the road.

Suffice thyself; else - how thy jaw shall quiver!
Look neither down nor up, the sages say.
Ill nourished, action merely means affray.
But lo! Below thee bleats the tiger's prey.
Improper method? Firm and cautious stay!
But thou, who nurturest all, mayst cross the river.

28 The Ta Kwo Hexagram

\"Water of Air"

Ta Kwo: A
weakened beam is under stress.
To move in any manner spells success.

Place mats for things set down; then faults are few.
Dead willow shoots; old man young wife well wooing.
The beam is weak; fate's busy with the brewing!
The beam curves up - loyalty did the glueing.
Dead willow flowers; old wife young men pursuing!
Bold wader, thine head's wet - but thou wast true!

29 The Khan Hexagram

\"Moon of Moon"

Defile, cavern, pit: In times of danger make not sincerity of act a stranger.

Gorge within gorge, then cavern - do not go!
Involve not deeplier thy dangerous case!
Peril all round - Be still's the luckiest show!
Instructing king's, most humble caution show!
Be patient, time brings order with grave pace.
Bound and beset, bewildered too? What woe!

30 The Li Hexagram

\"Sun of Sun"

LI: Sun; attachment. Be thy way docile as well as firm - then see good fortune smile.

Confused at start? Let reverence befriend.
Here's fortune - rightly placed and clothed in yellow.
Accept thy ills with cheer or worse attend.
Abruptness - fie! Thus fire and death descend.
Luck comes to aid thee, melancholy fellow!
In victory be just - a noble end.

31 The Hsien Hexagram

\"Water of Earth"

Mutual influence; good fortune bless Man's firm correctness with the tide, success.

Would'st walk? To move thy toes alone is a flaw;
But calves? 'Twere surely better to withdraw.
Thigh's too? Cling close to leaders? Thou wilt rue it.
Insited plans? Only thy friends pursue it.
But shrug thy shoulders! God shall gladly view it.
The wag not thy toungue, nor drop thy jaw!

32 The Hang Hexagram

\"Fire of Air"

By persistance are great empires built.
There is no law beyond do what thou wilt,

Lust of result mars will in every way;
But steadfast purpose spans the vast abysm.
Maintain thy virtue - heed not criticism!
Seek not reward; thy work be its own chris, Passion love wins, where active loses, fray;
And violent efforts end in swift decay.
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