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"Selestor's Men of Atlantis", by Clara Iza von Ravn, [1937],

'S Men Of Atlantis


Clara Iza Von Ravn

The Christopher Publishing House

Boston, U. S. A.


Scanned, proofed and formatted by John Bruno Hare , Dec. 2008. This text is in the public domain in the US because its copyright was not renewed in a timely fashion at the US copyright office as required by law at the time.

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To the memory of my dear brothers--

Edgar Alfred Tibbets, whose great learning and patience in instructing me has been my incentive to accomplish, and Frank William Tibbets, who with tender, and never failing sympathy endeavored to smooth for me life's rugged path.

Text on back of dust jacket.

Pictured in Majestic and Poetical Language

The author, in private life the Baroness von Ravn, has written poetry and plays from girlhood; but her most serious work preceding this appeared a number of years ago, and was entitled "The Scribe of a Soul," for which Professor van der Naillen, noted scientist, and associate of Flammarion, after reading her manuscript, wrote the introduction. This will give an idea of the scientific value of the present volume, although not of its thrilling interest, which can only be found in reading its amazing pages.

"Selestor's Men of Atlantis," as the title indicates, is about Atlantis, that great and ancient continent said to have been in the Atlantic, the physical existence of which, beneath the sea, has been, we believe, quite completely established by scientists. Many books have been written about this land of semi-myth, but none from the standpoint of this writer. In her foreword the author says:

"The wonderful amount of material, especially fossils of different kinds, relating to the island of Atlantis, that were gathered by the Schliemanns, father and son, noted archeologists who devoted their lives to proving that such an island really did exist, to which other scientists working independently or cooperating with the Schliemanns, have added their achievements to the proof.

"In his majestic and poetical language Selestor, to whom we are indebted for the contents of this book, has pictured the highly civilized state of Atlantis' inhabitants, that in several sciences were farther advanced than our nation is today."

Selestor's description of the destruction of Atlantis, of the activities of the people on the morning of the day it sank into the deep, is the story of a tragedy beyond telling. After a weird description of the fright of men and women who knew the doom that was coming, the chapter closes with these words of Selestor's:

"The quivering mountain sank--an inch--the measure of a man's broad palm--a fathom! Then a quiver and a roar marked moment when the land that mocked the sun went down! Atlantis, thou hast sunk, but shall arise, a slimy thing of ocean, still to bear much beauty, offering riches to the world which hath not known thy fate."

This is a book that will be of equal interest to the scientist, the historian, the student in all fields, and the reader for unusual entertainment.

Cloth, Price 2.00

The Christopher Publishing House, Boston

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