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Sura Xvii. Bani Isra Il, Or The Children. Part 08

"The Holy Quran", tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934],

Sra Xvii.: Ban Isr-l, Or The Children Of Israel,

Section 10

Wayas-aloonaka AAani aLrroohi quli aLrroohu min amri rabbee wama ooteetum mina alAAilmi illa qaleelaN

They ask thee concerning

The Spirit (of inspiration).

Say: "The Spirit (cometh)

By command of my Lord:

Of knowledge it is only

A little that is communicated

To you, (O men!)

86. Wala-in shi/na lanathhabanna biAllathee awhayna ilayka thumma la tajidu laka bihi AAalayna wakeelaN

If it were Our Will,

We could take away

That which We have

Sent thee by inspiration

Then wouldst thou find

None to plead thy affair

In that matter as against Us,--

Illa rahmatan min rabbika inna fadlahu kana AAalayka kabeeraN

87. Except for Mercy from thy Lord:

For His Bounty is

To thee (indeed) great.

Qul la-ini ijtamaAAati al-insu waAljinnu AAala an ya/too bimithli hatha alqur-ani la ya/toona bimithlihi walaw kana baAAduhum libaAAdin "th"aheeraN

Say: "If the whole

Of mankind and Jinns

Were to gather together

To produce the like

Of this Qur-n, they

Could not produce

The like ther, even if

They backed up each other

With help and support.

Walaqad sarrafna liLnnasi fee hatha alqur-ani min kulli mathalin faaba aktharu aLnnasi illa kufooraN

And We have explained

To man, in this Qur-n,

Every kind of similitude:

Yet the greater part of men

Refuse (to receive it)

Except with ingratitude!

Waqaloo lan nu/mina laka hatta tafjura lana mina al-ardi yanbooAAaN

They say: "We shall not

Believe in thee, until thou

Cause a spring to gush

Forth for us from the earth,

Aw takoona laka jannatun min nakheelin waAAinabin fatufajjira al-anhara khilalaha tafjeeraN

\"Or (until) thou have

A garden of date trees

And vines, and cause rivers

To gush forth in their midst,

Carrying abundant water;

Aw tusqita aLssamaa kama zaAAamta AAalayna kisafan aw ta/tiya biAllahi waAlmala-ikati qabeelaN

\"Or thou cause the sky

To fall in pieces, as thou

Sayest (will happen), against us;

Or thou bring God

And the angels before (us)

Face to face;

Aw yakoona laka baytun min zukhrufin aw tarqa fee aLssama-i walan nu/mina liruqiyyika hatta tunazzila AAalayna kitaban naqraohu qul subhana rabbee hal kuntu illa basharan rasoolaN

\"Or thou have a house

Adorned with gold,

Or thou mount a ladder

Right into the skies.

No, we shall not even believe

In thy mounting until thou

Send down to us a book

That we could read."

Say: "Glory to my Lord!

Am I aught but a man,--

An apostle?"

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