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Thee moment ov orgasm is central to thee process. It is special and allshould be done to make it so. Thus we decorate thee moment as we would ajewel, with all manner ov objects and actions that are precious and personal.Like gifts to a Lover, we consecrate thee moment in L-ov-e.

We say to make thee room or space ov work special. We say likewise ov theeinterior mood, for so thee one is physical, so thee other is psychick andour aim is to join thee two to a single purpose.

In sex, physical self-consciousness is abandoned in favour ov intensifiedsensual pleasure. In sleep, everyday consciousness is abandoned in favourov thee unconscious, thee world ov dreams. In Sigils, thee two states meetin a single act: and so is released a special and potent energy; a fertilepower ov harmony, transcending thee barriers ov thee conscious/unconsciousdivide. And so it is thee Sigil lets forth an energy that cuts through likea flaming sword, overcouming all that stands in its path.

Intuition and instinct are thee only pointers in everyday consciousnessto thee objects and methods from which to construct a potent Sigil. Theebooks and lessons are ov thee museum ov thee past - thee future is entirelyours to construct as we will.

All must coum from experience, and all experience is ov value. It is simply
a question ov observation; seeing thee links, and drawing all without exception
into thee universe ov magickal intent and action.

Sex is thee medium for thee magickal act, enacted physically and with directcontrol ov thee Individual. It generates thee greatest power which, whenreleased, is diverted from its ordinary object and thrust with thee intenseforce ov will towards thee fulfilment ov desire.

All must becoum focused to thee single purpose in hand. It is a case ovgiving up all pre-conceptions, all inhibitions and preferences, for theework involves a totality and anything that gets in thee way ov coumpletenessis as a vestige ov thee past which will remain to trick and trouble theematter to its detriment.
Relinquish all control and prejudice in order toreclaim and master it, redefined and in thee train ov informed desire.

Sigilisation leads to thee realisation ov personal truth, and provides theemeans with which to express that truth in life.

"E know what E will, and E will what E desire."

Sigils are thee unity and integration ov Will, Desire and Knowledge. Theyare thee process by which dreams becoum reality.

It is certain to us that Sigils, enacted with true determination, and filledwith thee perfect strength ov a sincere desire, generate ov their own theenecessary will for success. It is simply a matter ov intent and intensity;thee practice in thee sure knowledge and acceptance ov result.

Sigils are thee art ov transforming former belief into current knowledgeov thee way ahead. Sigils are thee revealers ov truths, be they hidden orput aside through fear or expedience.

Thee Sigil is thee declaration ov intent. It awakens thee Individual magickallyto thee circumstances ov their life and in this way makes thee focused desiremore likely to happen. Sigils are not a way ov guaranteeing success, theycan only open thee door for your own action. A Sigil might ensure that anopportunity for what you desire becoums apparent to you, butter you muststill act upon that knowledge for thee desire to be fulfilled.

Without thee physical response thee psychick work is pointless. Be awakenot asleep to action.

Thee more Sigils you perform, thee greater thee clarity ov aim you willfind within.
A cumulative power ov activated will develops, and thee Sigilsbecoum intensified in direction and effect.

Thee ritual ov thee Sigil should be enacted to produce a climax ov utmostintensity.
At thee moment when thee rising flux ov sexual excitement becoumsungovernable, when thee whole ov physical and mental consciousness undergoesa spasm that takes it beyond thee point ov return, at that moment all mustbe focused on thee Sigil, thee physical sensation discarded and forgotten.

A Sigil can be designed to answer any desire, without limitation or constraint.Thee aim need in no ways be sexual. Thee Sigil encompasses all possibility.

Thee result ov thee Sigil becoums a part ov thee life process. Thus it maynot bring obvious results immediately, butter however long it takes youcan be certain that if thee desire was true, and thee intent real, you willbe moving towards achieving thee desired goal; preparing and passing throughall thee necessary stages so that when thee moment is right you will beready and alive to it.

As we have said before, thee methods described by TOPY are butter guides to
Individual action. As long as thee Sigil contains thee basic element ov focused
will, all other details can be varied. Indeed it is essential that thee ritual
be one that is reflective ov who you are, and so should be thee result ov personal
input intuitively arrived at.

Although some days and times might have particular significance to an Individualand thee Temple, a potent Sigil can be performed at any time on any day.

Orgasm during a Sigil can be reached by any method. Alone or with a partner,by masturbation or intercourse, orally or in any other way thee Individualdesires.
A partner need not be involved in Temple activity to be an effectivecollaborator.

Thee act ov making a physical record ov one's Sigil is a useful way ov instructingthee subconscious, and at thee same time ov revealing to consciousness whatit is thee subconscious wishes to say. Thus thee process forces thee dividedself into Unity, and manifests thee outcoum in thee physical plane.

Although we strongly recommend thee making ov a Sigil Paper, other methodsov recording may also be incorporated into thee ritual: polaroids, photographs,cassette recordings, drawings (automatic or otherwise), film or video. Aswith thee Sigil Paper, all these methods should be used in thee ritual toheighten thee intensity ov what it is you do, rather than purely to documentthee event. Let intuition not logic be thee guide in this, and experimentfreely without embarrassment or doubt.
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