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As we have said, Sigils have a functional purpose: they serve as a direct means
to make what you want to happen more likely to happen. Butter they are quite
different from systems based on faith and false promises. They cannot guarantee
anything; they can only help release thee potential that already exists within.
And as it is a system for thee Individual there is no right or wrong way - what
is right for one person may be entirely inappropriate for another. Therefore
thee method is one that must be developed personally, so that thee Sigil as
performed by you is something wholly ov your own making, reflecting your own
personalities and experiences. We offer only guidance and encouragement, not
instructions and rules to obey. We leave those to thee Controllers, thee ones
who seek to generate uniformity ov thought, and who strive to create a passive
and compliant populace thinking along rigid and con-ditioned lines, unable to
take responsibility for their own lives and actions.

We are sickened by thee negative attitudes ov right and wrong that are promulgated
in thee mass media: that if you do this you cannot do that; if you think this
you cannot think that. It is a system that destroys thee Individual; destroys
thee ability to think, to question, to force thee hand ov chance; destroys thee
will to live according to who you really are and not according to who they say
you are. Sigils break down this con-ditioning, awaken thee possibility ov change
and experiment, give back thee joy ov a life rich in experience and challenge.

Sigils are as much about learning as anything else. Not only learning thee method
that works for you, butter also learning who it is you really are, what it is
you really want. A result ov this is that it may take some time before you discover
thee method ov working that is best for you, and you may find that thee results
ov your Sigils are not as expected. This is not thee result ov getting it wrong,
it is thee natural response caused by thee first steps on a road ov discovery.
For example, things may not happen in thee order you had expected, or they may
take a different form. Thee identity ov thee people involved may be unexpected.
Butter if you examine thee results ov your work closely and honestly you will
find that these differences - these moves away from thee pre-conceived - reflect
thee true aim hidden within thee Sigil, thee underlying qualities ov it. Thee
reason for this is that your conscious image is not thee real object ov your
desire; thee conscious wish, after all, being subject to thee con-ditioned responses
thee Sigil is designed to break down. Thee results are often more expansive
than you could have dreamed, more radical than you would have consciously dared
hope. Put simply, what you expect is not always what you really want. And what
you think you want is not always what you really want.

Our concern is with thee Individual in thee modern world. Accordingly our methods
are designed to meet thee circumstances that prevail today. They are not Occult
in thee way that word is usually understood, only thee intuitive use ov that
which we already know directed with purpose. It is a maximisation ov thee powers
ov thee brain, a joining together ov conscious and unconscious will so that
through thee use ov Sigils thee Individual can move towards a desired goal free
from thee constraint ov confused ideals and personal contradictions. Unlike
much that is called Occult we do not rely on dogma, mystification, references
to orthodoxy, or thee mimicking ov previously effective butter now redundant
rituals rules and experiences. We believe that thee strength needed is already
living in each ov us. It is simply that we need to tune in to thee right channels,
see clearly, and act on that vision. And that vision must be fiercely personal,
not thee dictate ov some other who tries to impose their will on thee Individual,
or some corporate view that leaves nothing to chance and tells us that dissent
from thee common ground is a sin.

A great deal ov energy is wasted on arguing over thee validity ov much that
falls under thee general heading ov "Occult" - whether things are
real or imagined. Much ov thee evidence to date is confusing, partial or fabricated
to meet a given need. This is thee result research being misdirected, and thee
will to understand being compromised. It is better by far to accept "occult"
experiences as they occur, to recognise and interpret them personally without
trying to fit them into a pre-defined system. Thee Sigil strengthens basic human
skills, re-awakens thee intuitive understanding ov thee relationships between
events, breaks down linear modes ov thought that offer only tunnel vision and
answers that are defined in thee question itself. Thee Temple believes that
thee best judge ov truth is experience, combined with an attitude that engenders
a discriminating eye hampered neither by prejudice nor fear. Thee Sigil is thee
internal working ov thee brain, externalised; thee manifestation ov inclusive
will directed outward to positive action.
treatise of man in summa theologica| treatise of man in summa theologica
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