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In Thee Grey Book we discuss thee Sigil ov three liquids which encoumpassesthee essence ov thee practical methods we employ; butter it should be rememberedthat everything we say is only a guide to further experimentation and nota dictate to be followed blindly in faith. Thee Temple is not about instruction,thee giving ov set patterns and modes ov behaviour to follow, for that wayno-one learns anything, there is no progress, no interchange of ideas andl-ov-e. To slavishly follow ideas set out on a plate is to abdicate responsibility,to lose one's individuality in favour ov an easy, butter doubtlessly wrong,answer.

This may seem hard to those who feel uneasy about how to proceed, who areused to doing just what they are told and no more, butter that is thee point.Thee Temple is about getting rid ov those attitudes which ultimately leadto indifference, getting rid ov thee fear ov experiment and genuine exploration;instead our methods create in thee Individual a precise knowledge ov theirown existence, desires, and capabilities in thee most creative and positivelight possible. And they force thee acceptance ov an attitude ov livingthat will reflect that knowledge in a directly practical way. It is onlyby embracing their individuality that thee Individual can truly coum tothee understanding and fulfilment ov their goals. Anything else is pointless,a waste ov energy, a misdirection ov purpose.

So what we are saying is that while thee basic format is one that can beused by anyone, it is also one that requires absolutely thee direct andpersonal input of thee Individual to be wholly and perfectly effective.Specific details can and should be arrived at by you. And they can includeor exclude anything that we have said: intent is all; and an ability tofocus on thee goal.

Nonetheless, we recognise that guidance can be useful. And neither do weforget that Sigils, in one form or another, have been practised throughouthistory. In order to illustrate what we mean, and to encourage your ownexperimentation, we include here examples from both historical and presentday sources.

Sigils are used to enable two things to occur. l) Effective communionwith subconscious
levels. 2) The lodging of a desire or wish at subconsciouslevels without the
conscious mind being involved or aware.

My formula and Sigils for sub-conscious activity are a means of inspiration,capacity
or genius, and a means of accelerating evolution. An economy ofenergy and a
method of learning by enjoyment.

For the construction of Sigils the ordinary alphabet is used. The desirefor
super-human strength could be formulated as follows: "I desirethe strength
of my tigers.
" In order to Sigilise this desire, put downon a piece of
paper all the letters of which the sentence is composed, omittingall repetitions.
The resulting sequence of letters, Idesrthngofmy, is thencombined and incorporated
into your Sigil. ( This sequence of letters iscalled a glyph.) The wish, thus
Sigilised, must then be forgotten; thatis to say, the conscious mind must desist
from thinking about it at anytime other than the magickal time, for the belief
becomes true and vitalby striving against it in the consciousness and by giving
it (the Sigil)form. Not by the striving of faith.

By virtue of the Sigil you are able to send your desire into the subconscious(the
place where all dreams meet.) All desire, whether for pleasure or knowledgethat
cannot find natural expression, can by Sigils and their formulae findfulfilment
via the subconscious.

The energising of such a Sigil must occur at a special time. At themoment of orgasm the wish must be imperatively formulated. It is not inthe actual Sigil that the power resides (this is merely the vehicle of thedesire) but in the intent with which it is despatched at the moment of exhaustion.Any glyph, personal or traditional, may be used as a Sigil. If personal,it must be the specific vehicle of the desire and designed for no otherpurpose; if traditional, it must have received a new direction which therebyconsecrates it to its secret purpose. Powers of visualisation, and self-disciplineand concentration are qualities necessary.
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