Call of the Dark Goddess

From Embracing The Moon; Llewellyn Worldwide, copyright 1998, reprinted with explicit written permission from the author – Yasmine Galenorn, Galenorn En/Visions.
No reprinting in any form allowed without getting your own permission from Ms. Galenorn.

This ritual is used when justice is wanted for one who has had a crime committed against them.

I call on you, the Dark Mothers of the Night!

Hear me and come to my side. You who are Hecate, Crone of Magick; you who are Persephone, raped and despoiled; you who are Kali-Ma, the Mother of Destruction… hear me. Mielikki, Dark Huntress who prowls through the treetops with poisoned arrows, come to me. Cerridwen, Sow-Mother and Reaper of the Dead, I call to thee.

There has been an act of violation that cries out for your attention. [Name of Victim] has been [raped, etc.] by one who escapes justice. Dark Mothers, I ask that you turn Your eyes to this abuser and bring him/her to justice. Let him/her not hide from your eyes, let him/her be exposed for all to see. Let the perpetrator of this atrocity be known to all.

Then I ask, Dark Mother, that You take him/her into Your realm and show no mercy, as no mercy was shown to the victim. Persephone, you have undergone this pain. I ask that you sweep [Name of Victim] into your arms and help her/him live through it, give her/him strength to go on and the inner will to overcome the pain and memories.

Dark Mothers, should you find this case worthy, I ask that You act, according to Your own wills. So Mote It Be!


Copyright ©1998 Yasmine Galenorn. All Rights Reserved.