100 86 Random Facts About Me

  1. I collect animal skulls. (I also like feathers, bones & fur.)
  2. I talk in my sleep.
  3. My favorite liquor is Beefeater gin.
  4. I have mets hoards of famous musicians, but never an actor until age 46 (Henry Rollins).
  5. I study about things that interest me, and learn new skills often, but I don’t consider myself well read.
  6. I have moved over 40 times and lived in 10 (or more) states.
  7. I have a 690 square foot apartment with a 100 square foot bathroom.
  8. I recently tried the first wine I ever liked — a Pinot Grigio.
  9. I know a bunch of dead guys. :-P
  10. I am a skeptical occultist. This is not an oxymoron.
  11. I like tomatoes on cold sandwiches, but not on hot sandwiches.
  12. I randomly became lactose intolerant in 2005, and while I can still eat some dairy, some makes me really sick. And I’ve had the same reaction to chicken a number of times.
  13. I’ve had chronic, daily headaches since the mid 1980s. No cause can be found, but it’s been speculated that an accident I was in in 1985 might be the root of it.
  14. Everything I know about computers, I learned via experience, trial and error, and by asking the right people a few questions now and then. (Google is your friend when you need to reformat your hard drive and can’t quite remember all the steps of how to do it.) I know more than most non-geeks, and consider myself a geek-in-training.
  15. My favorite food is cheese. Meridjet hates that (though he likes cheese, too).
  16. I have a very strong attraction to things Asian. Including men.
  17. I used to read a book every day or two, until I got the computer. Now a book can’t hold my attention for very long.
  18. I have to have a lot of light in my living quarters. Dark rooms eventually depress me.
  19. I love to sleep in a cold room under an electric blanket, which is on high when I lay down and on low by the time I get up.
  20. I have a passion for gardening that is not being expressed here due to horrible weather and soil conditions that are not overcome easily. I’m starting to do container gardens.
  21. I’m a cyclic insomniac. Trying to force myself to stay up to go to bed “at a decent time” inevitably backfires. So I “sleep forward” by staying up as long as I can, sleeping as long as I can, and basically torturing myself backwards from the average person til I get it straight. “Straight” to me is likely not “straight” to you.
  22. I love Chinese/Asian dragons (the serpent, wingless type) and have lost my fascination with winged dragons completely.
  23. If I find a feather on the ground, I pick it up. I once harvested a road kill screech owl that died in front of my house. I have what feathers I could get, and its talons. Yes, I’m a sicko.
  24. I collect witches, crows/ravens, Chinese dragons, and animal bones/feathers/fur. I also have small collections of black panthers and stone eggs.
  25. I hate hiphop & rap, country, and opera… though I can listen to some non-twangy country if I have to. I like everything from 60s classic rock through modern “alternative” rock. I’m underexposed to current cutting-edge music.
  26. I was an adult when MTV was launched. Therefore, I remember when it didn’t suck.
  27. I love windchimes.
  28. I love thunderstorms, but I hate the ones we have with 8+ inches of rain… because I get water in the apartment. We knew this was gonna happen, so we installed ceramic tile. I usually just have to wait for the water to recede, and mop.
  29. I had Photoshop for 7 years before I learned anything about how to use it. Now I can’t stop.
  30. When I was a child, I wanted to be Native American. Back then, we still called them Indians. I fantasized about it a lot.
  31. I absolutely cannot stand a clothing tag touching my skin. It irritates me horribly and I will notice it, guaranteed. Sometimes I have to take off every thread. Ditto nylon string or thread. *fidgets just thinking of it* Why they don’t stop with the tags or at least make them soft I have no idea.
  32. When I ‘receive’ a paradigm stretch, it begins with incredulity and progresses into a wait and see attitude… then inevitably I end up at some point with a very credible example counterpointed by a bunch of ridiculous examples. It’s a matter of how intimately I know the credible example that determines how open I am to further stretching or acceptance. A lot of the time, it seems that eventually it becomes a matter of personal interpretation and the underlying reality, or lack thereof, is of secondary importance.
  33. I can’t tolerate heat over 75 degrees for any length of time. Over 85 and I feel like I’m dying. I can’t tolerate bright sunlight either, and have to wear sunglasses even on bright cloudy or rainy days.
  34. I am addicted to Pepsi and can’t stand Coke except from a fountain. Coke tastes nutty to me.
  35. Since getting the computer, my handwriting has degenerated from lack of use (beyond my signature). Writing a letter by hand is out of the question as it starts to feel really funky pretty fast.
  36. I started beading jewelry a year or so ago. Love it. Now, I want a magical handheld color scanner thingy that lets me scan colors from real objects and save them on the puter for playing with bead patterns. This makes little sense since I can just use the damn beads… but I want it anyway. I need to work with color extensively more; it’s my biggest artistic weakness.
  37. I can ‘clairsentiently’ / ‘empathically’ read people in person, online (chat, email, etc), and on video, but seem to suck at reading photos and only do so-so on the telephone. I also discovered that reading via internet chat on my cellphone was impossible for me, which was interesting. (It also works for dogs.)
  38. As some people may have recently noticed, I’m all too easily distracted from email duties. *blush* I don’t mean to be.
  39. I am lousy at small talk (and superficiality in general) unless it’s a very brief encounter with a ready topic, such as in passing at the grocery store.
  40. As an extension of that: I value depth in people and situations and this frustrates a good many people. I’ve also been known to inadvertently push people right out of my life by being too intense, particularly when emo. (Let me just say how much this sucks when it happens.)
  41. I started sleepwalking in 1992 when I moved to Seattle and experienced culture shock for the first time, despite having lived all over the eastern half of the country. It was really active for about a year. Unlike most sleepwalkers, I was acting out dreams. Now when I am stressed I sleepsit and I’ll wake up sitting up in bed, but I don’t usually sleepwalk.
  42. I definitely have something on the order of an “inner child.” I love plushies, Disney movies, Disneyland (despite their horrible reputation under the surface), and the like. I like the wonder & magic of childlike discovery. Feeling delighted in any form makes my inner child all aglow. That said, she’s not a persona.
  43. I so love computers that if it were ever possible to be uploaded somehow and have a direct interaction with the stuff I like to do, I’d do it. I see some of the CG worlds as very astral in nature.
  44. For nearly 10 years my creativity was dead. It came back in summer of 2005, and it’s getting stronger, and I’m in ecstasy.
  45. I love fresh flowers. See #2.
  46. I am a compulsive collector of personally significant doodads and random objects that mean absolutely dick to anyone else, but that speak volumes to me.
  47. When I look back at my past, to any point between childhood and 1994 when I met Meridjet, I cringe. I cringe at several points between then and now, as well, but that is when the balance shifted to happy for me. I’ve been an essentially happy, idealistic optimist since, minus one Dark Night of 3 years. Prior to 1994, I was an essentially confused, idealistic, and hopefully resigned “dead” person.
  48. (in continuation, kinda) I was never really accepted by my peers growing up. Even in the group that allowed me membership, so to speak (the stoners), I was kept at the fringe. I usually had one good friend, for which I am grateful. Today, I still experience personal rejection from people I meet in “real life” more often than I experience anyone willing to take the time to get to know me. And yet, these people are very cordial. I have never been able to figure out what it is about me that keeps people at a distance. When someone does like me, we tend to get very close… usually. When they don’t actively like me, they become cool and distant and remain so indefinitely.
  49. I prefer reading nonfiction to fiction.
  50. My brother is a stereotypical gay hair stylist with great decorating sense. This allows him to not only work at elite and pricey hair salons, he also paints and brazenly sells his paintings for hundreds of dollars, and with his lover he buys antiques on the cheap and resells them. They also buy clearance name fashions and ebay them at 900% markup. Successfully. He got all the good genes. *sobs* I suck at decorating (my skill is organizing) and I had to ask the cute little gay guy at Pier 1 to help me pick stuff.
  51. When I was a young partier, 18-21 years old, I was sort of a groupie. Not really the kind that had sex with everyone, but the fangirly, hangs out all the time kind. I knew lots and lots of musicians.
  52. I was once thrown from a horse, headfirst into a semi-circle of roadside mailboxes. I skinned my face up, tore my lip at the corner, broke a tooth, got trampled on my legs and generally had a fine old time of it. I didn’t get back on the stupid fucking bastard of a horse. I wanted to shoot it, though. I am not a talented horseman, though when I was that age I knew every damn thing about them. “Horsemanship in Theory and Practice.” ha.
  53. In high school I weighed 95 lbs, and I was skinny until I was about 24 and started working in this awesome restaurant. Weight gain crept up on me, and decided it wanted to stay. I now around twice what I weighed when I graduated.
  54. My favorite cartoon characters are Eeyore and Snoopy.
  55. I am fairly certain I never outgrew my teenage angst. I just learned how to channel it more constructively.
  56. People tell me I am intense; I can never figure out just what that is supposed to mean, or whether it’s a compliment or a veiled insult.
  57. My decorating style has always been a bit odd. I used to call it “neo-gothic thriftstore.” Now it’s like that with a wide and utterly shameless stripe of Ikea thrown in. I am Jack’s sense of pop culture.
  58. I really hate baths and almost always shower instead, unless I have a ritual purpose in bathing.
  59. I started traveling on my own when I was 18, with my first long trip being from Houston to Cleveland, Ohio, which I drove alone and without Mapquest. ;-) It never has scared me, and I don’t comprehend fear of leaving one’s place of birth. I’ve lived all over the US.
  60. In fact, my way of breaking out of stagnation in my life was always to move, preferably to a new city far, far away. I used to therefore purge my belongings every couple of years, and now I remember so many things I regret giving away – family heirlooms (or they would be, now), photos I threw out, stuff like that. Breaks my heart.
  61. I’ve lived here since 1996. That’s 2 and a half times the length of my previous record in one town, let alone one piece of property.
  62. Halloween is at least as cool to me as Yule/xmas, but we live in an isolated area with few kids and so I don’t get to indulge my need to build elaborate Halloween setups, because no one sees them. I got tired of doing it for just us.
  63. I wish sleeping and eating could be optional, to be indulged only when one was really in the mood. They can be such a pain in the ass.
  64. My favorite car is a Jaguar.
  65. I tend to be a slob who has a really perfectionistic cleaning style. So either it’s clean as hell or it’s a mess. No middle ground. I also go through phases where one will be dominant for a few years, then the other will take over. Sort of like a bipolar thing.
  66. I invest in my friends more heavily than anyone I have ever met. People seem to find friends fairly disposable. I can’t even easily let go of an online friend. Moving took more friends of mine away than anything else.
  67. I used to be able to direct bees out of my house by giving them directions to the door, and they’d actually follow them and go out. I haven’t had a bee in the house in years. Wasps are too stupid or stubborn to care. ;)
  68. As a general rule, I hate bugs and they make me squeal if they get on me. My worst enemies are spiders, stick bugs (the 4 inch kind) and the big ass Texas outdoor roaches that sometimes find their way inside. About the only bugs I like are ladybugs, butterflies, and dragonflies.
  69. I really, really, seriously rarely do windows. It just doesn’t occur to me.
  70. I’ve done just about every drug except real LSD, heroin, or ecstasy, though the latter was only due to lack of opportunity, and once in the 70s I took something that had very similar effects to how ecstasy is described. (No this is not bragging. I was friggin’ stupid a lot of the time.) I also have not done peyote but dammit, I want to.
  71. I love keeping tropical aquariums and am getting ready to set up two soon after a long hiatus. I wish I knew about marine tanks and could afford them.
  72. My health issues: bipolar disorder (diagnosed 1991 after two hospitalizations for depression), Crohn’s disease (diagnosed 1993), GERD (1993) hypothyroidism (2006), diabetes (2006), and panic disorder/agoraphobia that waxes and wanes (since about 1986; diagnosed in 1991), gallstones (gallbladder removed in 2000), kidney stones (surgery for that in 2005).
  73. All my life I’ve had a need for a joined at the hip best friend with whom to share everything and who (by their very existence and alignment) foster enthusiasm in me and I in them. I have found few people who identify with this, which appears to be an effect of having a 7th house sun (in Aries). The one person I’ve found so far who is up for this also always had a limit of about a year before he had to have a break.
  74. I love the new squishy pillows and stuffed animals and have to seriously control myself from buying every one I pick up.
  75. I have a huge fondness for candles and candleholders. My apartment is full of them but I no longer consider myself a collector, mostly due to having nowhere else to put more.
  76. I also love baskets, which are a little more useful.
  77. I am artistic and I draw, paint, decorate, do crafty stuff, write, and design websites.
  78. I was strictly jeans and t-shirt until my current roommate moved in and showed me that big girls can have cool clothes, too.
  79. I don’t watch television anymore because I got tired of having my life ruled by what time something was going to be aired. I watch movie channels pretty much exclusively now, when I have my choice.
  80. I love animals and keep several pets at any given time.
  81. When I was younger I hated shoes and went barefoot as much as possible. Now I don’t even like to walk around indoors without something on my feet.
  82. I am terrible with finances.
  83. I love birds but never particularly want to own one. My roommate moved in, and now we have two Quaker parrots.
  84. I have read tarot cards for over 30 years.
  85. I used to be addicted to ouija boards when I was a teen. I’ve used them off and on since I was 14.
  86. I love the qabalah and find it the most versatile system available regardless of what your philosophy is.

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