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My name is Sheta Kaey and I”m an occultist with a very strange life. I’m Senior Managing Editor of Rending the Veil online occult webzine and archive, which I founded with Nicholas Graham (author of The Four Powers). The first issue premiered December 2006. Some excellent people are involved, including authors Donald Tyson and Gerald del Campo, and newer faces on the writing scene, Taylor Ellwood, Lupa, and Nick whom I already mentioned.

I am an editor for Megalithica Books, an imprint of Immanion Press (main offices are in the UK). I am also in the midst of writing my first non-fiction work for Megalithica, entitled Spirit Companions (working title). See why, below.

I met my spirit companion, Meridjet, in 1994 and I thought I’d lost my mind. Despite my involvement in the occult since puberty and the fact that I was, by then, 33 years old, this was something I’d never heard of and which put me in fear of my sanity. Eventually, I found my way online and in 1999 when our relationship took new form I started trying in earnest to find others with similar situations. The search was mostly a failure. I met author Donald Tyson and a couple of other people but nothing really panned out. So I elected to start my own group to hopefully attract others to me.

The first community I formed languished in relative obscurity for a couple of years. Then for reasons unknown it suddenly exploded into a frenzy of activity as people seemed to emerge from the proverbial woodwork. By then I was on LiveJournal and was finally convinced by a friend to create the community now found here. People found the first community via the second, it all snowballed, and now collectively there are several hundred people involved. Not a huge number but it’s considerable growth in a short time for an obscure issue.

There is now an InsaneJournal community as well, as I’ve moved from LiveJournal due to discomfort with new policies there.

To top it all off, I am a skeptic at heart and have a fondness for evidence. This is not to say I’ve never made a mistake, never projected anything, never been fooled by someone faking evidence or validation. But I keep very good records, of which this journal is one, and I never purge them or edit them (except to make a formerly visible entry private or vice versa) to reflect a change in attitude, as I feel that this is dishonest and invalidates the record. I like to be able to see my progress, and to know where I've made mistakes in the past, as well as to review my successes.

Being a skeptic means that I’m not going to swallow anyone’s story immediately. I do, however, try to keep an open mind unless you trigger my bullshit alarms in a serious way. My empathy is excellent and I can read energy signatures directly, via video, via email, via chat (meaning I can read an SC via their human partner). I cannot read energy via chat on cell phones, via photo (or not well), or via telephone (not well). I am extremely sensitive, but I have definitely been fooled by people who’ve trained themselves to work with empathics. This is rapidly changing as I study to regain my edge.

I am open-minded, again, and willing to stretch my paradigm. I have no issues whatsoever with people living their own lives as they see fit, including embracing whatever delusions rock their boats, but I will only stretch my operative paradigm as seems warranted by my personal growth… however it happens regularly, and I like to think of myself as generally flexible.

I welcome contact and will help in any way I can but keep in mind that I do have personal boundaries and I will maintain them, and that I am very busy a great deal of the time. If you want to contact me, please do — but realize that I can be as absent-minded as anyone (even worse!) and that I may require a nudge, or I may not have time to chat with everyone every day, and so forth. Patience is extended but also required in return.

I’m female, born March 29, 1961. I currently reside in the southwestern United States though I’ve always moved around a lot. This is not a particularly welcoming place to live if one does magick or is interested in the occult. I am a reclusive person and don’t seek contact with the neighbors. The less they know about me, the happier I am.

Sheta Kaey
Sheta Kaey – Self-portrait November 2010

I have a long history of occult activity, since childhood. It began with seeing my mother out of her body when I was five, and went on through the typical bizarre incidents at puberty, getting my first deck of Tarot cards for my twelfth birthday, and heavy use of a Ouija board and dabbling in witchcraft through much of my teen years. In my senior year of high school, a friend of mine tried to rob a McDonald’s and was shot and killed by a cop. I couldn’t swallow any longer the injustice of the Christian religion – I’d never been very devout – that said he was doomed to hell. So I started looking for alternatives.

Through my twenties I continued to build my belief system, rejecting any attempts to lock me into one point of view, one religious path. At one point I gave away everything I owned and took off with a friend to live in a tent. I had been aching for something real. I wanted to get away from mundane routine existence so I could think, see, feel what was under it. Well… it was an interesting thing to do, but it wasn’t the answer. I instead soon faced the “real” state of needing to survive and not having many tools at my disposal to do that with. Well, it was interesting, but I really wouldn’t recommend it.

At some point, after doing little bits of study into many things without making much headway in any, I returned to witchcraft. I got into (Neo)Wicca and eclectic solitary practice, and for several years this was my path. However, even while I enjoyed it and found it in many ways fulfilling, there were problems. To me what alot of what NeoWiccans traditionally said in circle sounded ridiculous. I didn’t identify with any particular identity of goddess or god, and the whole notion of calling them “Lord and Lady” was extremely distasteful. I have never been very obsequious. The idea of bowing down to these beings was no more attractive than bowing to Christ had been. I will be honest and I will love, and I will even adore, but I will not worship in any conventional sense. Plus I was not really attracted to spellwork except under important circumstances, preferring to see where the Universe wanted to take me and deal with things more head-on. I am a big believer in “signs”, synchronicity, and guidance. Several of my moves to new cities were as a result of this type of activity. It is something I believe in but also often find amusing.

In 1992, I started working with a hynotherapist doing past life regression. This went on sporadically for the next 4 years, during which time I learned a lot about self-induced trance. And of course, I saw a few past lives. One of these is where I got my name, Sheta Kaey. In 1993, I gained contact with my guides, and in 1994, I found some interesting stuff going on with regard to a particular discarnate. For more information about this, see my Meridjet page.

I also began studying the Qabala around this same time, doing mostly pathwork. Things began to move very, very quickly and continued this way until 1995, when for reasons I won’t go into now, they slammed to a halt. For the next year, things crawled very slowly as I limped my way through what was left of my sanity. It had come very close to the end of things for me, but it didn’t happen that way for various reasons. In 1996, I moved to Houston and entered what I’ve jokingly called “the Dead Zone,” which put all things spiritual on a very quiet simmer. I used the silence to lick my wounds, heal, and reawaken.

At the turn of the year 1999, the awakening took hold, sending me into an emotional tailspin similar to the one that had preceeded my Dead Time. This lasted three months, during which time I underwent a calling and initiation by the Hindu goddess Kali. After that, I moved quickly again, but with a studied focus on balance. I met many people, mostly online, and I experienced constant growth. I began to read the collection of books I purchased over the three year dead zone and studied high magick with an intensity matched only by the intensity of my relationship with the discarnate mentioned previously. My workings on astral grew. Everything grew.

The mundane world has never really meant anything to me. I been accused, at times, of being short-sighted and lax. The spiritual is all I care about, and it drives me; it brings me up when I would otherwise lay down and die. I find myself unable to give in to the expectations of others when it comes to my spirituality and personal growth. This is the strongest urge of my being, and I have to follow it.

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