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On the heels of Bilitis, Pierre Louys published his first novel, Aphrodite (Murs Antiques) in 1896.
It was a bestseller, selling 350,000 copies, sealing Louys' reputation as a popular author of erotic literature.

Set in Ptolemaic Alexandria, at a much later date than Bilitis, Aphrodite is as much a love story as a crime story.
Louys' decadent, sensual vision of Egypt in classical times is a jeweled setting for a story of transgressive love.
The sculptor Demetrios, the favorite of Queen Berenice, falls for a well-to-do courtesan, Chrysis.
Much of the story is set in the world of the courtesans, a realm of beauty, luxury, sapphic indulgence, and some dark shadows as well.

Production Notes:
There were at least three English translations of this work published prior to 1963; of these, this was the only one which had an expired copyright.

Title Page and Front Matter

Author's Preface

Book One

Chapter One. Chrysis

Chapter Two. On the Jetty

Chapter Three. Demetrios

Chapter Four. The Passer-by

Chapter Five. The Mirror, the Comb and the Necklace

Chapter Six. The Virgins

Chapter Seven. Chrysiss Hair

Book Two

Chapter One. The Gardens of the Goddess

Chapter Two. Melitta

Chapter Three. Love and Death

Chapter Four. Moonlight

Chapter Five. The Invitation

Chapter Six. The Rose of Chrysis

Chapter Seven. The Enchanted Lyre

Book Three

Chapter One. The Arrival

Chapter Two. The Dinner

Chapter Three. Rhacotis

Chapter Four. Bacchanalia with Bacchis

Chapter Five. The Crucifixion

Chapter Six. Enthusiasm

Chapter Seven. Cleopatra

Book Four

Chapter One. The Dream of Demetrios

Chapter Two. Terror

Chapter Three. The Multitude

Chapter Four. The Response

Chapter Five. The Garden of Hermanubis

Chapter Six. The Walls of Crimson

Book Five

Chapter One. The Supreme Night

Chapter Two. The Dust Returns to the Earth

Chapter Three. Chrysis Immortal

Chapter Four. Pity

Chapter Five. Piety


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