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Although similar in title, theme and structure to his book Creative Mind, this is a completely different book.
Creative Mind has more of a focus on "Mental Healing."
This book is principally about what is today called in New Age circles
"Prosperity Consciousness".
Holmes discusses how to focus one's thoughts to create monetary wealth, as well as increase one's personal charisma to garner circles of friends.
This little classic of New Thought is very similar to its successor, Think and Grow Rich, optimistic, self-empowering, and confident in its outlook.

Title Page


Part I

An Inquiry Into the Truth

What Life Is

Man's Place In Creation

The Beginning of Understanding

Our Conditions Governed By Our Thinking

Unconscious Creation

First Steps

How To Attain Strength

What We Will Attract

More About the Power of Attraction

How To Attract Friends

The Control of Thought

Creating Atmosphere

The Power of Words

Why Belief is Necessary

Where So Many Fail

Using the Imagination

Man's Right of Choice

Old Age and Opportunity

Demonstrating Success in Business

Money A Spiritual Idea


Ideas of the Infinite

Don't Be A Leaner

Causes and Conditions

Mental Equivalents

One Law and Many Manifestations

Transcending Previous Conditions

Understanding and Misunderstanding

Unusual Experience


Where Demonstration Takes Place

Part Ii


Understanding and Guidance

How To Know Just What To Do

Following Up A Thought

The Single Stream of Thought

Enlarging Our Thought

Always Be Gathering

Mental Likeness

Keeping The Thing In Mind

Destroy All Thoughts That We Do Not Wish To Experience

Direct Practice For Prosperity

Race Consciousness

Developing Intuition

Presence of Activity

Drawing Your Own To You

The Final Word

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