The Advanced Middle Pillar Ritual

Step 1

Focus your attention just above the crown of your head. Visualize a sphere of brilliant white at this point. Vibrate the God name EH-HEH-YEH three times. Vibrate the Archangel name MET-AH-TRON three times.

Step 2

Now visualize a slender beam of light descending from this sphere through the center of your head, and stopping at the hollow of your throat. Here visualize a ball of lavender light. You should visualize both the brilliant sphere above your head, the small ball of light at the base of your neck, and the beam of light connecting the two. Vibrate the God name, YOD-HEH-VAHV-HEH EL-OH-HEEM three times. Vibrate the angelic EL-EX-AR-PEH CO-MAH-NAH-NU TAHB-IH-TOH-EHM three times.

Step 3

While continuing to visualize these, see a beam of light descend from the ball of lavender at your throat, go down thru the center of your body, and form a gold sphere at your solar plexus. Vibrate the God name YOD-HEH-VAV-HEH EL-OH-AH VAH-DAH-AHT three times. Vibrate the Archangel name RAH-FAH-EL three times.

Step 4

In like manner, visualize the beam of light descending to the area of the genitals and form a violet sphere. Vibrate the God name SHAH-DAI EL CHAI three times. Vibrate the Archangel name GAH-BRAY-EL three times.

Step 5

Descend the light to the feet, here forming a black sphere. Vibrate the God name AH-DOH-NYE HA-AHR-ETZ. Vibrate the Archangel name SAHN-DAHL-PHON.

Step 6

Do the Circulation of the Body of Light. See and feel the light go up your right side, then down your left side, three times, in a complete circuit around your body. Follow this with up the back, down the front, three times. And finally, around the body, counterclockwise, followed by a shower spewing from the top of the head to land on the ground, three times.

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