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Infinite Possibility is the feed about Meridjet and Sheta, or sometimes, just Sheta. Serves as both personal blog and documentation of this relationship.
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Infinite Possibility

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Site last updated
20 June 2009

This site is on hiatus until who knows when. There won’t be any major updates for a long time, most likely. I’ve taken down the primary links to the empty sections (Metaphysics and Astrology) until I have time to work on them. Right now, I’m trying to organize my life and streamline my projects to only the most urgent and important, and this site isn’t.

I'm looking for occultists who can program or do web editing to volunteer for the collaborative occult magazine Rending the Veil. If you are at all interested in helping out (on a volunteer basis), please email me at [email protected]. Those involved include Gerald del Campo, Patrick Dunn, Michelle Belanger, Donald Tyson, Lupa, and Taylor Ellwood. Get involved now! Rub elbows with distinctive people and have a good time, all at once. :)

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